Teucca78's story

One-eyed archer’s story

At the gates of Rendarion the night was silent. Up at the city wall was bunch of archers and one of them sees something at the gates.

-“Can someone go and look, what is that thing at the front of the maingate.” Archer yells.
One of the Kings brave archer goes to the maingate and there was a brown wooden chest. No markings, nothing that indicates where is it from. Archer then carefully opens the chest. There was a baby wrapped in white blanket, eyes closed. Baby was silent, almost too silent.

-“Oh my Lord, King of Rendarion, this child is dead.” Whispers archer.
At the very moment the child opens his eyes and looks straight to the eyes of the archer. Silently. The child don’t make a sound. Completely silent. Just stares.

-" I need help here. Here is Babyboy and it’s barely alive." Shouts archer.

Years go by and the child is growing healthy, but one thing bother him. His right eye is kind of foggy all the time. He sees movement, light and shadows. Almost blind. That doesn’t stop him to became the best archer of the Rendarion.
No one wanted to take him to their house and raise him as their own child. He was outcast. No friends. Alone.

When he was 16, he wanted to be archer and everyday he went to the citywall and practiced to use the bow. Kings archers helped him, because they pity him. They named him one-eyed archer, because they find out the truth about his right eye.

At the age of 26 he had enough. Ten years he practiced everyday, dawn till dusk and all he get was pity and laugh.
He taked his bow and dagger and walked out of the maingate, silently, just walked, alone.

16 years he wandered city to city, town to town, tavern to tavern across the lands of Azargath. Became known as silent but deadly hunter of all living things, all of them, if there was somekind of reward.
Humble and kind to all, if you treated him well.

Continues below :point_down:

Around two years ago he stared silently at familiar gate, Rendarion, and walked in. Silently. Alone.
He walked straight to Thousand Tales Tavern.

The owner of the tavern was the daughter of the knight, who was one of the bravest knights of Rendarion. Mistress Aneke Turine. Very brave and capable woman. Can use sword like the best knights.

Mistress looks at the door and sees a man coming towards the bar. The man has short hair, almost bald. Dark brown beard with hint of white. Black patch covers his right eye and clothes indicates that he is an archer.

-“How may I help you, mister?” Asks mistress.
-“May I have a room for now.” Says the man.
-“I pay once a month. You name the price, mistress.”
-“Very well. And what is the name that I put in the book?” Asks mistress.
-“My name is Tepek Karo. Some call me Tero and here the name that all know is one-eyed archer. You can pick your favorite.”

One-eyed archer is hungry. He waits one knee on the ground that deer come out of the shadows.
Finally there’s movement. First comes antlers, then comes head and rest of the deer.
One-eyed archer puts arrow to the bow and starts to aim… Release… Bullseye… Or should we say deerseye…
-“Oh crap, not again”, says archer.
The arrow hits deer to the right eye and the deer runs away.
-“How ironic is that?”, Silently says one-eyed archer sadness in his voice, because his right eye is almost blind… One-eyed archer is still hungry…

Archer stand up and looks at the sky.
-“Why is this happening to me? Why am I always so nervous when I have to kill some animal to have food? Why?” He thinks and starts walking towards Rendarion.
Suddenly one-eyed archer hear something. He stops looks left and sees squirrel up in a tree branch.
-“Oh well… Better than nothing.” He thinks, takes arrow, puts it to the bow and shoots. The aim was too low and the arrow hits the branch, changes direction and hits to the apple, which is in the hand of the…
-“Oh no… Oh crap… Oh… Why is she here?” Thinks one-eyed archer and starts running towards the herbalist.

In the shade of a large tree, the herbalist sits on the soft grass. She took an apple out of her pocket to eat a little. At this moment, an arrow hits the apple.
-“Oh…” The herbalist sighed.
-“That one-eyed archer again…”
(Thanks to Orlita for this herbalist scene and idea)

One-eyed archer stops and sees that the herbalist stands up and walks away.
-" Here we go again… I know what is the biggest story when I get back to the Thousand Tales Tavern." Thinks archer.
-“Sup with her? You hungry?” Says someone right beside the archer.
-“AAAARGH!!!” Yells archer and takes his dagger from his belt.
-“You son of a… Who… What… Why… Oh crap, I almost had a heart attack.” Shouts archer and then he sees where the words came. A wizard. And a deer. Food at last.

-“Hey, calm down man. Put the dagger away. You might hurt yourself with that.” Says Wizard with smile on his face.
-“Why are you so scared? I’m just a wizard”
-“I didn’t hear you coming.” Says archer and puts the dagger away.
-“Shall we make a fire and roast the deer?”
Two men, different but still quite same, sit beside the fire, eating, talking. Night comes upon Azargath and those two men go to sleep.

Early in the morning archer wakes up. It’s still dark and at first he doesn’t see much but a little while his eye adjust to the little light of stars. He lights the fire, that wizard can sleep well in the warmth of the campfire and then he starts to walk towards Rendarion.
-“That wizard was a good man. I wonder what he thinks about me.” Archer thinks.
-“Perhaps we meet again someday. I surely hope so. May your journey be safe and exciting.”

Later that day one-eyed archer walks towards Rendarion and Thousand Tales Tavern. It’s about two days walk left and then he is at home. At least he has place that he can call home. That Tavern…
Suddenly archer heard that something is happening ahead. He starts to run and then he see the origin of the noise.

There was three dead, four living bandits, one knight and a knights horse. Two of the bandits were in front of the knight, one was behind him, dagger in his hand, ready to kill. Last bandit tried to calm down the horse. One-eyed archer drops down on one knee and starts to shoot. First arrow fly just over the knights shoulder and hits in the bandits right eye.
Second arrow hits in the right eye of the bandit, who was in front of the knight.
Third arrow hits… Yes, you guessed it… In the right eye of the bandit, who was calming down the horse.

Knight puts his mighty sword through the last bandit, turns his head and looks straight to archer who is standing up.
-“Who the hell are you?” Asks the knight.
-“My name is Tepek Karo, but if you are nice to me, you can call me Tero.” Says archer.
-“But you can know me by the name, which Kings archers give me. One-eyed archer.”
-“Yes, I recognize that name from all the stories, what I’ve heard.” Says knight.
-“Thank you for saving my life.”
-“No problem. May I ask your name?” Asks archer.
-“Of course you may.” Says knight and smiles.
-“My name is John Dragore, One of the Kings knights.”

To be continued…

One-eyed archer gathers his arrows and joins with John.
-" What are you doing here, John?" Ask archer.
-“I heard rumors, that there was bunch of bandits, who robbed the deliveries, which were going to Rendarion.” Says John.
-“Is there any proof that these men were those robbers?”
-“I just searched their belongings and find some evidence that these men were somehow involved.” Says John.
-“Well then.” Says archer.
-“Some bandits less. Do you think that these were the only ones?”
-“No, I don’t.” Says John and starts to ride his horse towards Rendarion.
-“By the way, where are you going, Tepek Karo?”
-“Rendarion, and you?” Asks archer.
-“Rendarion as well. Would you mind if we share the same path?”
-“Not at all, John Dragore.”

These two men started to go towards Rendarion. In the evening they make campfire and started to share stories. When the night falled, they make beds and started to sleep.

In the middle of the night archer wakes up. Something bothers him. He listens carefully and then he hears something, mumbling voices. He starts to investigate, where those voices come from. He moves silently, because he don’t want to wake John up. He goes towards the voices, through the small patch of trees and then he saw the origin of the voices.
-“Oh crap, Orcs!” Thinks archer.
-“Where did they come from?” Whispers John.
-“Mmmmmmhh, crap! My heart skipped a beat, you son of a… Pffffft. Don’t do that again.” Whispers archer.
-“What should we do?” Whispers John.
-“Don’t know yet.” Whispers archer.
-“I spotted something strange. I go and investigate a bit. Wait here.”

Archer starts to move silently towards the thing that he spotted. Couple of minutes past and then he see a person. This person has bow on his back, sword and dagger on his waist. Archer moves silently and fast, grabs this person to tight hug and covers his mouth.
-“Ssshh, I’m a friend, who are you and what are you doing here?” Whispers archer.
-“I am Dagonet and I’ve been following these orcs for few days.”

…A ghostly figure floated out to meet them.
“Stop…” a rustling voice sounded.
Archer took few steps and stopped.

Suddenly he was in the Kings archers training grounds. Other archer students yelled at him.
-" You Worthless Bastard."

Tero goes to fighting stance and says:
-" I’ll prove it to you…"
-" You are never going to be an archer."
-" I’ll prove it to you…"
-" You are nothing, you homeless piece of s…t."
-" I’ll prove it to you…"
-" You never hit any target, you half-blind nobody."
-" I’ll prove it to you…"

They all started to chant:
“One-eyed archer, one-eyed archer, one-eyed archer, one-eyed archer.”
Suddenly archers body got stiff, his eye turns red and his voice turns demonic. With low, raspy voice Tero says:
-" I… Will… Prove… It… To… You… That I am the most powerful archer in Azargath and you will fear me!"
Then something snaps and he is back in front of the monastery with his friends. He falls powerless to the ground, looks his friends and says very silently:
-" Help me… My friends."

This is the story, how One-eyed archer got his bow.

One-eyed archer walks towards two dwarves, who are standing in front of the large door. They’re wearing heavy armor and they both have big axe in their hands. They both look at him and the dwarf with a red beard asks.
-" You must be the one-eyed archer, stranger?"
-" Is that so obvious?" Asks archer.
-" Your eyepatch and a bow are quite good clues." Says dwarf with a white beard and laugh.
-" Ok, you got me. I heard, that you have a job for me." Archer says.
-" Yes, we have. We heard from our other clan that you are going to come here. You did good job there. They were very pleased." Says white beard.
-" Red here will escort you to meet our clans elder, so if you please follow him."
-" Of course, thank you." Says archer.

At the same moment, the humongous door starts to open and Red shows archer to follow him. They walk inside and go through the largest hall what archer has ever seen. The ceiling was so high up that you barely see that. They pass through the hall to smaller room with big square table and dozens of chairs. On one of the chairs sits the elder dwarf. Archer looks at him and thinks.
-" He must be oldest dwarf what I have seen. I haven’t seen that colored gray before."

-" Sit down archer, I have been waiting for you."
-" I have a job for you." Says elder.
-" Thank you, so I have been told. You dwarfs have the best jobs in this region of Azargath. I can hardly wait."
-" Of course the rewards has been great too." Archer says and smiles.
-" This time it’s a bit different job. Do you know anyone who is named Arau Groth Durgarn? I say this straight to you. We want his head. You bring his head to us, we give you the reward." Says elder, looking very angry.
-" No, I don’t know anyone that name. That is very big request so may I ask why?"
-" Why do I have to kill someone. Never heard, that dwarfs want someone get killed so badly." Asks archer.
-" Of course I will explain it to you."
-" One of our clans live in the valley two days walk from here. This individual has been terrorizing the villagers for years now. Wanting them to pay enormous taxes for him. If they refuse, he burns the village." Elder says with great sadness in his voice.
-" That is very sad to hear. Where can I find this terrorist?" Asks archer.
-" It’s very easy to find him." Says elder.
-" Every noon he stands top of the hill south from the village, near the path to the village. He looks towards the village couple of minutes and then leaves. Every single day."
-" Ok, now what is the reward?" Asks archer.
Elder thinks some time with very serious look at his face.
-" we’ll see. I can’t say it now but I think that you really gonna like it."
-" Hmmm, interesting. You want me to do the job without knowing the reward." Says archer.
-" Luckily I know that you are trustworthy people and you keep your promises with honor. I think that I go now and bring you the head you wanted."
-" Not so quickly, One-eyed archer. I have something to you. You need these for your journey." Says elder.
He puts a large sack to the table and archer looks into it. There is couple meters of rope, a letter and a lump of mithril, which looks like a big arrowhead.
-" Why do I need these things?" Asks archer.
-" You will understand when you get there and don’t open the letter before you are there. Oh, I almost forgot, you might need this too. We wish best of luck to you." Elder says and gives archer the last item. Medium size one-handed axe.
Archer looks axe a little while and then puts it in the sack and says.
-" Thank you, I’ll be going now. See you soon, I hope."
For two days archer walks towards the village until he sees the hill. It is nighttime and archer climbs up to the peak. He looks down to the village and thinks.
-" Now I know, why he stands here. This is perfect place to watch the village."
Archer walks down from the hill to the woods. It is quite near the hill and have big spruce trees. Trees are very close to each other so it gives great cover.
-" Well, I think I sleep now and wait till noon and see, who is the unlucky one." Thinks archer and crawls under the spruce to sleep.

The next day archer stays in cover of the woods. He looks at the sun and sees that it’s almost noon. Whoooosh, something flew over the woods and landed to the top of the hill. Archer sits to the ground and whispers.
-" You must be kidding me. A dragon… A very big dragon and a big head. Oh crap."
-" They knew. They knew all along."
The dragon stands on the hill and watches down to the village. The dragon is black as coal. Big horns point towards the sky. His eyes are green like two big emeralds. He takes a deep breath and his chest slightly glows red. Smoke comes out of his nostrils when he lets the air out. Suddenly archer remembers the letter and opens the sack. Archer takes the letter and opens it.
-" A picture of crossbow, where do I need crossb…" Then it hits to him. He looks at the scale of the drawing.
-" Oh crap. This is not a crossbow, this is ballista and I have to build one. Now I know why they give me the axe, rope and the mithriltip. I must make the arrow too."
The dragon, Arau Groth Durgarn, turns around, jumps up and flies away.
Next week archer cut trees, carve them to right shape, connect them with wooden pins and rope. He got few good feathers from birdnests what he found. He didn’t have to shoot any birds.
Every noon he looked to the hill and saw the dragon. He came up a plan, very risky plan. Now he must place the ballista he built to right place and execute the plan.

Early in the morning archer did last preparations. He aimed the ballista to the right spot, hopefully. He checked that he can arm the weapon to right tension and slowly eased the tension because he thinks that this weapon is one shot only. Lastly he checked the arrow. Tip is in place. Feathers are straight. All good. Hopefully.

-" It’s almost noon. Here we go." Archer thinks and in the same time dragon flies to the hill. Archer waits couple of minutes, stands up, arms the ballista, takes the release rope to his right hand and starts walking towards the dragon. He stops, when he feels the rope is tight and yells to the dragon.
-" Hey, you big black ugly flying lizard. Checking out your peasants again."
Dragon turns around very quickly and same time inhales his lungs full. Archer pulls the rope and thinks.
-" Please, work you piece of sh…"
The arrow flies over archers shoulder, takes a piece of his ear and goes straight through the dragons heart. The dragon lets out loudest growl what archer have ever heard.
-" Yes, straight to the right spot. He is de… No, nonono no no… Oh crap."
Dragon is dead but archer didn’t think that the dragon falls backwards. Archer starts to run up the hill when the dragon disappears. When archer gets top of the hill he sees that dragon rolls down the hillside and stops right before the village gate.
-" Oh crap, now they will know…" Archer thinks and starts to walk down the hillside.
One-eyed archer sits on the dragons neck and tries to think how he cuts the head off. He looks the path which leads to the village and a dwarf walks towards him. Archer thinks that it is the village elder.
-" Good day to you, stranger. Quite a catch you have there. Arau Groth Durgarn, our butcher, now dead, we are free now. We can’t thank you enough. I’m the elder of this village and I can’t reward you enough for what you’ve done."
-" Your joy of this freedom is the best reward I can get, elder. But I need some help, because I need this head and I have no tools." Archer says and taps the dragons head.
-" Hahahaaa. I think we have the tools and people who do it for you." Elder laughs.
More and more villagers gather around to listen.
-" Next question is how can I deliver the head to the other clan of yours?"
-" If you mean the clan that lives two days walk to the south, I have horse which belongs to that clan. We can put trolley behind the horse and tie the head to it." Shouts one of the villagers.
-" Well thank you, that’s very quick thinking. I must tell the other clan how nice people you are. Let’s do this so I can deliver this head right now." Says archer.
-" You can keep rest of the body. I don’t need it."

Two days archer ride to the other clan. He sees the large door and there was also Red, the red bearded dwarf.
-" Red, I have delivery for the elder."
-" Of course you have. Follow me, the elder is waiting." Says Red. They go to the same room, where was the briefing before the job.
-" I’ve heard that you did your job well." Says elder.
-" Yeah, but you can’t imagine that surprise, what was when I saw that dragon. I was quite mad because you didn’t tell me."
-" I believe you and I’m very sorry about that. But now. Red, can you please get the One-eyed archers reward now." Says elder.
-" Of course, elder. I’ll be right back." Says Red and leaves.
-" I have one favor to ask, elder. Can I have the other horn from that head?" Asks archer.
-" Of course you can have it. We give it to you when you leave." Says elder.
-" Oh, that was quick, thank you Red."
Archer looks to elder and sees what is in his hands. A bow. Like a pearl white but blueish hue in it. That was the most beautiful bow what he had ever seen.
-" This is yours now, One-eyed archer, our arausamman, great friend." Says elder.
-" This is bow made of Mithril. It needs lot of strength to use but in right hands, it is very powerful weapon."
-" Oh crap, I… I mean thank you very much for this honor. Thanks to the whole clan." Says archer.

Archer was walking through the hall towards the large door when he hears someone calling him.
-" Archer, did you forget something?" Red asks.
-" May I ask, where you need this horn?"
-" hahaa, look at my old dagger. It is all worn out." Says archer.
-" I thought the horn may be pretty nice grip to my new dagger. By the way, can you tell me, where is good blacksmith, who can do powerful dagger with dragonhorn grip?"
-" Yes, I think I can exactly tell you, where you can find that." Says Red.
-" Three days walk to the east you come across an elven village. There you can find elven blacksmith who can do the dagger."
-" Thank you, my friend. I’ll go there next then. Good bye." Says archer and starts walking to the east…