Only_fun_game's story

Twilight. On one of the shores of the blue sea, bodies lie among the wreckage of the ship. Crows are circling around. A cool wind is blowing. Suddenly one of the bodies moved. This is a man. Survivor.

  • Where I am? What happened to mine? What a headache…
    He could not remember where and how he could get to this place. He remembered nothing, not even his own name.

He looked at himself and found strange markings on his chest that looked like drawings. There were three of them - red was like a flame, blue was like a wave crest, and green was like an unknown plant. He was also dressed differently from the rest of the bodies lying around. There was nobody armor, no weapons, no boots.

The body was dressed in a thick black tunic with a hood trimmed with red velvet along the edges, and ordinary sandals were on her feet. In the bag on his belt, he found a strange glass ball. Looking around, the man saw silhouettes. He was immediately overjoyed, thinking that there were still survivors who could tell him what had happened.

  • Hey! I’m here! I need help!
    He tried to get up and run towards them, but he had almost no strength. A length of a stick lay nearby. Picking up and leaning on it, he wandered to the silhouettes which in turn went to meet him.
    But soon a man could see them - they were orcs. Armed orcs and they were running straight towards him. The man realized that the fight can not be avoided.
    There were three of them. They tried to attack him with a furious cry. But then the man reflexively hit the ground with a stick and a fiery wave rushed from him and threw the orcs aside. Then, waving the end of this stick towards the orcs, he directed hundreds of blade-sharp petals of some plant at the enemy. Orcs fell dead to the ground.

The man felt a strong burning sensation in his palms. It was burned by this stick turned out to be a staff. This staff clearly showed the same markings that he had previously found on his chest.
A small village was visible in the distance. The man went to her in the hope that there he would be able to find answers to many questions…