King Ahua's story

May I introduce, Ambrosius Bellator!! (the immortal warrior) a battlemage feared and loved for his incredible arcane power.

Although his skills with sword and dagger can’t underestimated either.

Its said that even a dragon’s fire can’t kill this guy (he got very lucky one time)

Rizemir Vali the archmage of the arcane looked at the window. There he was again. A boy not older than 5. It was raining outside but the boy didn’t mind as long he could watch the mages train. It was the fifth day in a row now.

The boy had been there every day at the exact same time. The mages would practice in the great hall. Through the window, the boy could see what was inside. It was a great open place, torches on the wall, some markings with he thought to be incantations of some sort. Some practice dols and a few benches against the wall. The roof had a beautiful ceiling. There was an orb painted on, it but a weird one, it was split and had some kind of… well trees the boy thought it looked like on one side of the orb. The other side had nothing.

Most people either feared or avoided the place. Mages in general are far from evil. But the power they wield scares most people, only the heroes understand that its neither good or bad. But most common people tend to stay away from the tower of the arcane.

But not little Ambro. He was fascinated of al the things the mage’s could do. He would sneak out when his mother went to Rendarion to buy fish at the market or any other time really.
He always wanted to be a mage but “It was not in his blood” Rizemir told him when it rained that day. You either had the gift to wield the arcane magic or you didn’t. Rizemir was an wise and old mage and very kind to the boy. After that day Ambrosius was allowed inside the great hall to watch the mages up-close under the supervision of the archmage himself of course.
As Ambro grew he kept coming to the great hall. His mother kept warning him not to go there but of course, he didn’t listen.

His father was a drunk pirate. At least that’s what mother told him he never knew his father. Ambrosius mother died after going to Rendarion by herself and being mugged by bandits. He was 12 when that happened. Ambro asked Rizemir if he could live with him after that. And because Rizemir got attached to the boy he agreed.

In his stay with the mages he read every book about magic he could find. And because he couldn’t use magic he trained his sword/dagger and archery skills. The occasional travellers, Adventurer’s even some heroes got fired with questions. And so by the age of 20 he knew every book in the place and gotten pretty handy with the weapons. Although he couldn’t cast a single spell he knew them al. But one book stayed with him specifically, a little hope. It was a book about Phulneas and how he created the tree’s he saw on the roof of the great hall every day. The primal trees if he could learn their secret he could become what no one ever thought possible an al powerful mage just like Rizemir.

Ambrosius was at the library. It was a wonderful library. It was two storeys high and not a single empty shelf. It is a maze though. Books, maps, scrolls everything a aspirating mage could want. When he was browsing through the books his eyes stuck on an old book. It had the same emblem drawn on it as the roof of the great hall. A circle split in half, some scribbles on one side, the other nothing. Four smaller circle’s around it and one in the middle connecting the other 4 smaller circles. The book was in elvish. He could read a bit of elvish but not very good. The book was in old elvish even, so chances where he would misinterpret a lot of things. But he knew a way around it. Mm where is it? No… maybe here? O there it is! o no, not this one. Mm Ah! ‘’Grabs book titled: The Old Elvish Language’’.

After translating and checking the translation. And verifying the check of the translation. Ambrosius sad down on the ground. This was a lot to take in. Al his life Ambrosius wanted one thing. To be a mage. All the mages in the tower of the arcane, every traveller, every book he read, they told him the same thing. Impossible.

The book told the story of Reigmor, The children of chaos and Phulneas. This was the important bit the story continued but Phulneas and the primal trees that’s what’s important. These trees manage to convert the chaotic energy into arcane magic. These trees where made by a being that later became titans and after the great war they became all creatures living today.
Some of these creatures are able to use arcane magic and some don’t. So is essence some have a stronger connection to the trees (and therefor able to use magic) than others.
What does this mean? Why can some use the arcane art and some don’t. why can’t I cast a damm spell!!

Ambrosius still on the ground, reading the lor over and over, checking the translation he made. Maybe I missed something? Aarrrhh pfff what is the connection? What am I missing?

Rizemir? What is it, Ambrosius? Have you ever heard of the primal trees? Well… yes, but not much is known about them. Why are you asking? Well, I read a book in the library. And… well, I had some questions and since you are the wisest person I know. I thought if anyone could answer them it would be you.

Rizemir knew what this was about. Ambrosius had done this before. He admired the boy for his tenacity but thought him a fool also. To pursue a goal like this was simply said insane.
Ask away Rizemir replied reluctantly.

Ambrosius: Wel… you said I couldn’t be a mage because it wasn’t in my blood right?
Rizemir: Right.
Ambrosius: Well… What if it is?
Rizemir was intrigued a bit now.
What do you mean?
Ambrosius: Well we all are descended from the titans right? So we are all connected to the trees Phulneas made. One just more than others.

Rizemir: “looks weary” True but it’s not so simple my boy you know this. Magic is not simply a skill it’s a feeling, a talent. Not everybody is suited for magic. One hero can slay dragons the other can shoot the wings of a fly without killing it. But no Mather how hard the dragon slayer practices his bow. He will never be able to hit the fly. And the archer will never kill a dragon with a sword no Matter his training. Both are amazing warriors but both in their own practise.

Ambrosius: “sigh irritated” I know you told me that already but what if I could go straight to the source? Establish the connection mages have at birth. I could use a primal tree to… well… connect to the chaotic energy itself.


Ambrosius had never seen him like that. He could be grumpy sometimes but never he never seen him like this.
But… stuttered ambrosius.

Rizemir looked straight in to Ambro’s eyes and very slowly said. IT, WIL, KILL, YOU.
Rizemir calmed down a bit.
You simply can’t, very few have tried and none succeeded.
Rizemir “sigh” you’re not going to drop this are you.

After a long silence Rizemir gave ambrosius the answer he was looking for.
Of all who have tried one almost succeeded he was already a mage though. He was looking for more power. He performed a ritual the detail are not known to me. It’s said he survived but not succeeded. He now Live’s in the Kofur Mountains just north to Rendarion past the Titans Forest. But I must warn you. Almost All who go near a primal tree go insane. I think it’s because the chaotic energy is pulled to the surface by the primal trees roots. Ambrosius straighten his back and said full of confidence:

Then I’m of to the Kofur mountains.

Ambrosius walked the path towards Rendaron. It was a small and narrow path. It was slightly uphill. It was a while ago since he walked it. The last time was when his mother was still alive. Martha as he called her. Because calling her mom was never a thing. She took good care of him but was always a bit reserved. He thought it was because he was at the arcane tower a lot. Actually, he never knew why. She just was. He missed Martha’s elven bread, the whole house would smell of sweet freshly baked bread. He missed how she gave him a slight slap on the back of his head when he called it that. It’s just bread. she’d used to say.

He reached the top of the hill he could see over the titan’s forest and even see a glimpse of the Kofur mountain already. The arcane tower was south-west of Rendaron. So Ambrosius had two choices. To go east, around the titans forest to Rendaron. Or to keep going north, straight through the titans Forrest. He had enough supplies so he choose to go through the titans forest. It would be a more dangerous road but the second reason he didn’t want to take the road towards Rendaron was because that’s where Martha… well.

So he kept going north there was no real path just something resembling a path. The road was declining again. And the trees became thicker and taler as he kept walking. He had a lot of thinking to do. Rizemir is clearly wrong he though. The book said nothing about chaos rising from the earth and making people mad. Those where just rumours probably. Suddenly Ambrosius stopped. He felt a cold chill in his nek and the Blade of the knife on his throat. And then a low dark voice said.

Wrong time to get lost my friend. Hé hé calm down. Ambrosius said calmly while raising his hands slowly in the air. I mean you no harm just traveling thru here. Gold! The man said. Gold and you’ll live! Ambrosius reached carefully for his pouch with his right hand. He held it Infront of the man’s face so he could grab it. The man loosened his grip slightly and reached for the pouch. Stupid mistake. As soon as Ambrosius felt the grip loosening he took his chance.

In one fluent movement he grabbed the bandit’s wrist with his left hand and Simultaneously turned around whilst throwing the pouch on the ground. BANG! Quickly Ambrosius reached for his sword and charged the bandit. It was a big man but no match for Ambrosius his quick thinking. Still confused by the explosion he had no chance and the Ambrosius his sword pierced his stomach. The bandit fell and while coughing up blood Ambrosius did the honorable thing and put him out of his misery with a quick jab to the throat. He saw the man had a pouch of his own so he took it. Kind of ironic don’t you think. Ambrosius said while turning around and following his way.

The rest of the way was rather easy. He did come across a wolf halfway thru the hike but it minded his own business and didn’t cause any trouble.
He reached the foot of the mountain by dusk. Ambrosius Decided to make a fire and spent the night before traveling up the mountain.

After Ambrosius made his fire. He took out the book. He started reading, just like every night before sleeping. It wasn’t a traditional book. It was actually many different notes and stories most of them written by The Great Maevan Ilvasar. Who was one of the first, if not the first to awaken after the Age of the titans. The book said elf’s of all creatures where the first to awaken so it made sense it was in the old elven language. While reading he heard a noise and looked up. His first though was ‘’not another bandit sigh’’. But it was the forest girl from the other day when exploring the old dungeon near Rendaron. The girl walked up to him. Good night, can I join? She said. You’re that girl from the other day? Ambrosius said surprised. You… you’re not mad? Ambrosius stuttered. No, you owe me an apple though. She replied amused. Oh uh yea, yea sure here. ‘’offers her an apple’’

I actually didn’t catch your name. Ambrosius said. Orlita, said the girl smiling while taking the apple. And who may you be wizard? Ambrosius Bellator, but my friends call me Ambro.
What are you doing here actually? Ambro said. ‘’while looking in the elven girls kind blue eyes’’ They were beautiful eyes he thought. Staring just a bit too long,
while waiting for the answer.

My parents, Orlita said. ‘’Ignoring or not noticing his stare’’
I’m looking for my parents. They left me and need to find out what happen. They’re last seen running toward this mountain. Orlita continued.
I was planning to go into the mountain tomorrow early. Said Ambro. I could use the company. I’m actually looking for someone myself. He supposedly lives there, maybe he saw or knows more about your’re parents.

You think so? Orlita replied. I don’t know. I’m going there anyway. It’s worth a shot I’d say. But I must warn you he is a bit crazy so… if you don’t its totally fine.
This man have a name? Orlita said. They call him Melior the mad. You know him? Ambro ask
No, sorry Orlita admitted. But I’ll go with you, I need to know what happened to my parents. Orlita said with certainly. Ambrosius was relived. Now he wasn’t alone on his quest.
He asked Orlita about the book he named First Era but she didn’t know elvish so couldn’t help . They talked some more and because Ambrosius, did know a little elvish he taught her some. It was the least he could do after hearing her story. The next morning they hopefully both get some answers.

It was early dawn and the sun started to come up. Its light was visible already but the sun itself was still behind the trees. Ambro and Orlita had packed their belongings and just wanted to go into the mountains. Then suddenly an arrow flew by that hit a rock that splintered the arrow. Then they saw some orcs running for their lives as two archers where aiming at them. One of the archers seem familiar somehow but it was to great of a distance to know for sure.

The orcs were running in their direction. There were five of them. Oh no, four of them. Three now, one limping. The two still running got lucky and disappeared into the bushes. One of the archers followed them and vanished with them. One orc still limping and looking afraid. He stumbled and fell. The one archer remaining walked towards him. Now Abro and Orlita saw it clearly. It’s the one eyed archer! They yelled together and sprinted to him. The orc is still on the ground. Now surrounded by three. What do we do with him Ambrosius said to the other two. I’d say we kill him Ambrosius suggested. Tero agreed. Mm he is a bandit I’m pretty sure. You’re pretty sure! Said Orlita Angered. You just shoot people who are bandits, pretty sure! What if they weren’t! I say we help him, I can make something ‘’I’m pretty sure’’. Said Orlita irritated. Come on we don’t have time, he’s as good as dead anyway Ambro said casually. “Orlita smacked the back of Ambro head” It’s just an arrow in his leg it’ll heal with the right treatment. Orlita said irritated by the two men. It reminded Ambro of how his mother used slap the back on his head.

They looked at the orc who didn’t move or said anything the entire time. What do we do with you? Ambro said with a condescending voice now looking straight at the orc. Do you understand, Orc? The orc seemed to understand that, what he would say or do next would determine its fate. The orc didn’t speak English very well but understood what was happening. He slowly reached for a dagger on his waist and just when Ambro and Tero were preparing to strike. He tossed it as way of saying I surrender. They placed him near a rock and let him sit upward. Orlita treated the orc and before leaving him they gave him some food and water.

The three walked towards the mountain path and asked Tero to join them on their quest for answers. He happily agreed. How long they had to travel was to be seen. Ambro had a map and a vague description of the route they had to take, which he got from Rizemir. Ortita was no stranger to the plants and nature in the mountain and often stopped to pick a flower or explain a fact about one to Ambro and Tero. Ambro liked the company and thought the girl to be funny and quick witted. And the archer good company with great story’s he enjoys a lot. They travelled uphill for halve a day now and Orlita saw a rear mountain flower (apparently rare mend they were everywhere because this was the fourth rare plant they found already) near a fallen tree which was perfect for sitting on and so they decided to rest. Ambro gave Tero some dried meat and Orlita his last apple. Ambro still had some bread left that he baked at the fire yesterday. The beginning of the journey was quite cold but as the sun began to rise it started to warm up a little. After they ate and rested for a bit they continued there travels. The higher they came the smaller the path. Following the map, they should be almost there.

Maybe you shouldn’t go there? Orlita said. Ambro looked at Tero. What do we do? I mean rumor goes this mountain is haunted. It’s a cursed place… maybe we shouldn’t be here, Tero said. You spend too much time in the thousand tales tavern Ambro responded. Well If you’re too afraid… Ambro teased. Pff afraid… Tero said casually. Let’s go then! Tero said. What about me. ‘’Olita still not recovered from what scared her’’ I’m not going there and it’s almost dark and not staying behind alone. I’ll go then.

‘’Ambro said with a certainty that tero could not argue with’’ I am the one that brought all of you here, so if there is really something out there It’ll be me, facing it.
Ambro read about the land of the spirits in his book. The book says that the spirits can sometimes break the veil and see what’s happening on this plane. If there was really something near waterfall, he had to try and communicate with it. Because it didn’t just ‘’look’’ through the veil apparently, but got through somehow because Orlita saw it. He Was not ready to share his knowledge because they would proclaim him mad probably. Instead he played it of like no big deal and went towards the small lake by himself.

The three adventurers approached the monastery. Ambrosius was curious, an actual spirit! He wanted to go right in, but his friends looked nervous. As they circled the lake and approached the monastery, a ghostly figure floated out to meet them.
“Stop…” a rustling voice sounded. He wanted to say something but realized it was not possible. All turned black, and he felt himself falling. The feeling was like falling into a dream, but usually, you’d wake up if that happen. But not now. He felt his heart pounding like crazy and was really warm. The falling sensation stopped.

He opened his eyes and saw where he was. His heart still pounding he walked up to her. You… I… you’re dead? This is not real! It was Marta, smiling. Then he saw the blade. It sticked straight through her torso. He ran toward her as fast as he could. But when he reached her, she turned to dust, still smiling.

When Ambrosius looked up he was back at the arcane tower. He saw Rizemir. In a soothing voice he said, what happened? ‘’Ambrosius’’ Martha she was just… I saw her and then she was dead. Then why did you kill her? Radzimir said abrupt. I didn’t kill her…, he looked down and saw he held a blade covered in blood. In shock he dropped the blade. It fell on the ground with a numb noise. Why did you do that! Rizemir said loudly. Why did you kill her! and why did you kill me!?
The voice from Rizemir came suddenly from behind. He turned around and the blade was in his hand again and he saw he stabbed Rizemir. He quickly let go of the blade and did two steps back in horror. And he saw Rizemir collapsing with the blade in his stomach. He also turned to dust, while saying why did you kill me?

Ambrosius felt lonely, confused and sad. Why ? Why did I kill them. He pulled together and said to himself. This is not real, this is just the spirit’s doing. He wanted to walk but his view shifted again. He was in the forest where he met Tero an Orlita for the first time. Guys! He ran towards them.
Ambrosius, Tero said in a serious voice. Why did you kill them? no, no, no, not again! not again! Ambrosius could only watch as his hand took the blade and sliced Tero open. Bleeding on the ground Tero said, why? I thought we were friends? Ambrosius could only weep as he saw Tero turn to dust just as the others. Ambrosius looked at Orlita. Your not going to tell me why I killed him?
Why would I Orlita asked? I’m dead already because of you. And before Ambrosius could do anything he saw blood and guts again. All alone he wept. Just thinking what this meant. Why would the spirit do this?

He sat in the moss for a while, crying, he felt so lonely and was horrified by the idea that the others were experiencing this kind of nightmare as well. He felt he let his team down. I told them I would face it alone, why did they come after me?

Suddenly a deer came walking past him. It had one eye. It looked at Ambrosius. It was the deer he and Tero ate the day they met one another. And suddenly he remembered. It was not him that brough the companions on his journey. they chose to be there with him. When he realised that. He felt a strong pule back and he was at the monastery again.

Orlita was on the ground tending to Tero, who was experiencing the after effects of the curse. He was not well, passed out, and hit his head while falling to the ground. Is there anything I can do? Orlita was overwhelmed by what happened and while tending Tero forgot Ambro was still there. She talked really fast. Your back! You guys were both just standing there and yelling and I didn’t know what to do and then Tero fell. And then… Ambrosius fell to his knees and gave Orlita a firm but gentle hug. I’m so glad you guys are okay. Ambro said. Let’s help Tero first and then we talk okay? Maybe you want to let go now…? Orlita said. Ambro was so clad his friend where alive and it was all a dream. He forgot Orlita was tending Tero for a minute. Uuhh yeah what can I do? Ambro said recuperating himself. He just saw his friends and family die. He was so glad it was over and he was back and everybody was fine. Well mostly fine. He helped Orlita tending to Tero and afterwards made a fire for the night. They would discuss what to do in the morning and hopefully Tero would recover quickly. Orlita said the wound wasn’t too bad and it was mostly the shock of the experience.

  • The sun shone amidst the mountain, it mirrored from the small lake. Some birds song there morning tunes. Combined with the rippling sound of the water stream it was a nice morning. Tero was the first to wake up. Still a bit weary from the night before he walked to the lake and splashes some water in his face to freshen up. He looked at the monastery. There it was again the ghostly figure guarding the place. Tero wanted to wake his friends but decided not to. Instead he went to the monetary, alone. He wanted to prove himself. He was the only one passing out and acting like a fool the night before. I will prove it to you. he said to himself. I will prove I’m the best there is. I’ll pass this ghost, you watch me. He said to himself.

He circled the lake again and approached the monastery. “Stop…” the rustling voice sounded again. This time Tero stopped. Turn back… now the voice said. Tero didn’t think this far ahead the only thing in his mind was ‘’I will prove myself’’ He then said, I’m the one eyed archer heed my words ghost! I’m the greatest archer in all of Azargath let me pass! The ghost didn’t respond. He just floated there. Tero didn’t know what to do. But he had to find a way in. He wasn’t going to fail this time. I will prove myself he said out loud. He took a deep breath and approached the ghost. He felt the pull again, but this this time he fought it as hard as he possibly could. He heard the voices, You Worthless Bastard! You never hit any target, you half-blind nobody! But he persisted. Step by step. The voices became louder. You are nobody! He was about to give in again. But right as he was about to give in, heard his friends. Orlita and Ambro heard him yell to the ghost and saw what he was doing. They cheered him on from across the lake. Come on man! You can do it. Don’t Give in! They ran toward him yelling and screaming. You can do it man! Tero come on! You got this!

He felt the strength it gave him and pushed the negative thoughts away. He kept walking and walking. And finally a sense of relive. He made it. Orlita and ambro looked at the ghost. He was still there. They looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Lets go. They to, took a deep breath and stepped forward. To their surprise nothing happened the ghost let them pass as if nothing happened. They walked towards the monastery and embraced Tero, wow how did you do that? I told you I would prove myself didn’t I. Tero said proudly and with a slight smile on his face. They followed into the monetary together.

The friends conferred and agreed to meet at the Thousand Tales Tavern three days from now. This should have been enough time to complete each of their journeys. Orlita really wanted to know as much as possible about her ancestors, this was to help her in her search for her parents. Saying goodbye to her friends, she quickly walked towards the village. Ambro stayed with the cart. Nirwoods was close by Rendarion.Tero decided to go to Rendarion and so Ambro was left with a cart full of rare scrolls and valuable books. The first decision he had to make was. Stay on the main road or take a short cut. Both had its downsides. More people on the main road so higher risk of someone seeing something. Or risk bandits on the short cut. Plus the cart might get stuck in the forest. So main road it is. Ambro said to himself. He would continue the road and went on to the mages tower. He doubted whether or not he should bring the cart to the tower. But it seemed like the most safe. The mages would be astatic to see what he had laying in the cart. The road was beginning to narrow. He hated this road. It’s the road mother died. She would walk this path every day. To Randarion she worked there. At least that is what she told Ambro. She never talked about her work. But she would smell like See and Fish so he guessed she was working at the docks. His father was a Captain who drowned with his boat. she said. But she never talked about it so much. Mother always gave short answers.

This is the place where it happened. The dagger he threw at the bandit in the tree was still there. He looked at it. A bird sat on the dagger and began eating the mouse he caught. Ambro heard something walking beside him. Some heroes cleared most of the bandit camps from here to the village. When Martha died there were no heroes. When it happened he was only 12 years old. Martha came back from Randarion and Ambro was walking from the Arcane tower towards her. One road in to the village one road out. The arcane tower was east from the village and south from Randarion. He left the arcane tower early that day. He still remembers there faces. The dagger he threw was in that tree not because he threw it in there, but because the bandit put it there after Ambro threw it at him. The bandit told him, Every time you pass this dagger remember my face. Your mom was weak and You need to become strong. Find me and kill me if you can. Ambro always found it strange that he said that. But he always remembered his face.

The road split. Going right would lead him to the village. So he went left to the arcane tower. It was dusk and the sun barley shone on the tower anymore. The mages were probably meditating now. It was usual for that time of day. When he arrived there was no one there. Odd usually they are in the main hall. He grabbed some book from the cart and headed to the library. Here was a fire a couple months ago. The shelves where restored but most of the books where burnt, so there should be enough room to store the books from the cart. Ambro was the only one ever going to the library. Except that kid who though using a fire spell in the library was a smart idee then. It took Ambro awhile to empty the cart and was surprised no one saw him. Ambro fell asleep reading in the library.

The light Shining through the tiny window of the library woke Ambro up. The book he read last night was on the floor. Ambro picked it up. It was a journal of one of the monks of the monastery. The monks had ways of communicating to the spirits in the mountain. If Ambro wanted to visit the Primal tree he needed to contact a spirit that would allow him to pass the vail to the spired world. But that’s easier said than done. The spired in the monetary was there by choice. He deliberately cursed himself to prevent crossing over to be able to guard the monastery after his passing. He would be of no use because of that. No connection to the other spirits or their world. The only way would be to break the curse and get him to pass on. But the question would be, IF that was possible and if the spired would allow Ambro to pass through after. The best thing would be to summon a spired and somehow convince it. The monks used to travel high in the mountain. The journal speaks of a shrine on the top of mount Kofur. Its was not going to be easy getting there. It was not going to be easy summoning a spired without having any magic. There are ways of doing it. But he needed ingredients. Lots of ingredients. Ambro began searching in the journal of the actual summoning spell. If he could figure out what magic they used, he could find ingredients matching the effect a spell would have. The journal didn’t have the spell itself written in it, but Ambro was sure it would be in there somewhere between what he brought from the monastery. Ambro decided that breakfast was needed first before searching for the summoning spell. He headed to the kitchen. Strange no one? Where is everybody? He didn’t see anyone last night and now this. Ambro made himself breakfast and went to Rizamirs chambers. He walked these stares so many times. The door is locked. What why is the door locked? Rizamir never lock’s it. Ambro knocked on the door. Nothing. Again “Knock knock”. Nothing…

Ambro Didn’t know how to pick locks so he tried to force his way in. But the door was to strong. He could try and blow the lock. The exploding bag he used on the bandit sure would have come in handy now. But Maybe there was a good reason everyone was gone and he was just assuming the worst. So Ambro searched the tower to see if anyone was left behind but no one was there. It didn’t look like they left in a hurry. Everything nicely cleaned, most rooms where locked, and the ones then weren’t where clean and tight like the rest of the building.

Ambro decided to go back to the library and continue his research. This is a mystery for later. It looks like they left voluntarily to it should be alright. Ambro spend the rest of the day reading and writing down all the useful information he could find. The scrolls where in good shape, what was surprising the circumstances they were left in. All he needed to know was there. The next step would be getting the ingredients maybe Orlita could help these are some rare plants. The Arcane tower had some ingredients but not these rare ones. He could try and find them by the description in the books and scrolls but it would take time and Ambro didn’t want to mess it up by picking the wrong flower.

Ambro lost time again. He was about to fall asleep when he heard someone screaming outside. He rushed to the window but saw no one there. He walked to his chambers and heard the screaming again. Looked out the window and… no one there. Ambro was tired and fell asleep quickly.