Dungeon Master says Welcome

Come in, adventurer, have a seat. :chair:
I’m glad you’re finally getting a look around the most important of all the taverns in Azargath.

Why so important, you may be wondering.
Well, the answer is simple. This tavern is not just a place to tell bar stories and come to drink the mythical Polymorphic Beer (you’ll soon find out why they call it that).

Here is where, for centuries, heroes have decided the course of our world.
The most crucial decisions of the kingdom are made within these mildewed walls and its rusty furniture.

Now, the destiny and development of the lands of Azargath are in your hands. And in the hands of all the Heroes and adventurers that inhabit this incredible universe.

This forum channel will be the compass that will guide the entire project. :compass:
You will have to come here to choose the next steps that HOTM will take because the community is in charge (we are a modern and open-minded kingdom).

Little by little, the empire will grow, and you, with the rest of the heroes, will be in charge of proposing and choosing all the new adventures that we will live together.

You have already shown your courage to get this far, but it’s time to show it again with the next step and suggest new community projects.

For this task, your best allies will be:
Encourage debate, listen to the ideas of others, and decide by vote on those you like the most, which will benefit the citizens of this Metaverse.

Along with the founders and our elected King, I will guide and accompany you.
But you will be the leader of the proposals you are passionate about.

For this, you will have to create a discussion thread and motivate the rest of the Heroes with your project.
It’s time for the debate to begin. Our voting system allows you to discuss the rest of the community’s ideas.
One Metaverse Hero = one vote.

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