Creating a community of Heroes

Hey, heroes.

Welcome to our forum - or “The Tavern.”

Yeah, like the bar where The Beatles started their journey. Here, our heroes will do the same.

I’m Dagonet, one of the founders of Heroes of the Metaverse, and we just wanted to share our vision and motivations with you.

There’s a lot of noise in the NFT space right now. Hey, we understand that: there’s a lot of money involved. Dreams and expectations. So many great artists in web3, product managers, and people interested in creating extraordinary experiences for the community.

And the other 90% is just noise. In Heroes of the Metaverse, we don’t want to be part of it.

We want to create something fun. A place where we can enjoy our time, experiment with technology, and use it to recreate a medieval fantasy community.

Who’s behind HOTM
So yeah, like all of you, we grew in the NFT space with the legendary Cryptopunks, the disruptive BAYC, and the cute Doodles. We love all of these projects, and we’ve analyzed why they are so successful.

And we believe that there are 3 reasons for a project to transcend beyond a simple project and become popular culture:

  • Art. Well, obviously. The most superficial part and what 90% of the projects focus on.
  • The community. That lays the foundations and gives solidity to a project. Even in projects with medium-level art, the community can push to success.
  • Execution. But what we have seen to be the most important factor (as long as the other two exist to some extent) is execution. The team and its ability to manage emotions, success, failure, pressure, and carry out all those promises that look so good on the roadmap.

At HOTM, we decided not to show our identities from the beginning. We know that this can be controversial.

Our reasons are two: 1) we want to take care of our privacy and security, with all that involved. 2) The project we want to build does not fit great leadership and unilateral personalities.

This project is not about its founders. We want the focus to be on the community and each of those people who will put their mind, time, passion, and creativity into shaping something that today is nothing more than an idea: Azargath. The metaverse of heroes.

That’s where we want the focus to be. The king. On the choices. In the elections. In the medieval democracy, the heroes, the proposals, the roadmap, and all those who will define the course of the project.

However, there are no other reasons than these for not revealing our identity. And for this reason, the Senators might propose an election if they wish the founders to reveal their identity. And the heroes will vote. And what the community decides will be done.

The fun experience of being a Hero
Hey, now that that’s cleared up, let’s get down to the important stuff.

Heroes of the Metaverse was born from our desire to have fun and mix a medieval fantasy world with web3 and RPG.

We are heirs of BAYC and Doodles… But also of Lord of the Rings, GoT, Tibia, Diablo, or D&D.

Beyond the great art of Cesar Drawss with HOTM, we wanted to recreate all that universe that he created some years ago with his friends when he started to dedicate several hours a day to being Dungeon Master just for fun.

A fictional world where arcane magic existed, where you could choose the role you like the most and write your character’s story about the past, but also towards the future.

And recreating a society where each of the heroes could live a participative medieval democracy: with a King, who has more power than any other hero, but who is elected by popular vote every 3 months.

And where the heroes would submit important decisions, roadmap, collaborations, and partnerships to the popular vote. Why? Because it’s fun. Because nobody has done it and because we want to find out what will happen. All in a world, Azargath, where magic exists.

How will The Tavern work
So, even if it’s an NFT cliché, you’re early if you are reading this before April.

We will finish discovering the possibilities of the forum together in due time, after the Public Sale and when the heroes have been revealed.

Even so, a big part of having already created it is because we wanted to establish a structure that would serve as a base and on which we could work and improve as a community.

And we thought of this plan:

  1. Heroes discuss and debate ideas in the Heroes-only channel on Discord.
  2. When they agree on submitting a proposal and feel it might have the support of the Senate, they pass it directly to La Taverna: to Roadmap proposals.
  3. The senators debate the idea define the pros and cons. If they feel that idea is viable, they will send it to The Awesome Table. The TAT may veto the idea if they think the proposal goes against the spirit of HOTM.
  4. If the proposal is approved, a Senate or TAT team member will pass the proposal to La Taverna: Senate proposals.
  5. Finally, if the Senators officially approve the proposal in the Taverna, a member of the TAT will close the debate and set a date for the official Snapshot election.
  6. The Awesome Table will set the date and communicate to all heroes the date of the election of the proposal.

And that’s all, heroes. We think this process is good enough to start. Although perhaps it could become over-restrictive or too many steps. To that end, everything is open, and it is up to the heroes to decide how and when they want to build their metaverse’s processes, institutions, and actions. Azargath is under construction, and we will create it together.

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