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Dungeon Master says:

The day is ending, and night is falling in Azargath. Do you know what time it is, adventurer?
You guess right. Storytelling time. :candle:
And I think this dying old man has spent enough spittle talking to you.
Now it’s your turn to be the storyteller.

Because as everyone knows, there is no more exciting and magical story than how our kingdom was founded. You know, titans and all. :sunrise_over_mountains:

But there’s another kind of story that always thrills tavern-goers:
The one about how our ordinary citizens became brave Heroes.
And today, we want to hear yours; I’ve already been told it’s not to be missed.

This forum channel is a space for creativity and for each of our heroic members to tell their own story, the story of how their heroes became what they are today.

Here, each one will have the honor of building and narrating the story of their character, their past lives, and how, among so many adventures, they became unique among the 10,000 heroes that circulate through the infinite paths that intertwine in this kingdom.

Because to become a Hero, you must have lived heroically and overcome a hundred battles. We want to hear them all.

Make your hero only yours, start a thread, and tell us details how:

  • His name.
  • His origin and family.
  • His unique characteristics.
  • His motivations and fears.
  • His hobbies.
  • Their skills.
  • And everything you want to add. Yes, your favorite color is also essential.

We look forward to hearing your story.
To your health! We’re buying the next round of Polymorphic Beers! :beers:

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